Monday, October 13, 2014

The Larsons - An Odenton Family Session

This family is always so much for me to photograph. Of course I am not bias at all, since they have two blonde-hair, blue-eyed little boys JUST like mine.....but seriously, these boys are sweet, adventurous, active, funny....everything little boys are supposed to be. I have photographed these wonderful people since Caiden, the oldest, was just a baby (seriously - go look how cute he was as a baby!......and then go here to see Gavin as a wee little one, too!)

This year, though, was an especially neat one to capture as Verity and Matt are celebrating their TEN YEAR anniversary!! Congratulations, you two! That is so wonderful. They requested we take their photos at the same place they took their engagement awesome is that? I thought it was brilliant! We also wanted to try to "re-enact" some of the same poses, but it ended up being a little more difficult than we thought because the trees were taller and the grass was thicker, now that they have had 10 years to grow! But still, such a cool idea and I was so happy to be a part of it!

PS Last year, Caiden brought along his wagon to family photos. This year, he brought one of his trucks. I honestly think it's adorable and I think his parents will look back on these photos and smile at that truck, remembering the phase he went through when that was his favorite toy. Don't feel like you have to take something away from your child just because we are taking their picture! Sometimes it's fun to include it, especially if it makes them happy!

Now vs. 10 Years Ago!!!


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