Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Severin Family

I showed up at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis just a few minutes early so I could scout out some new locations. When I met up with the Severins for their session, I was so excited to see their POP of yellow in their outfits....Fall may not have hit Maryland yet, but I had found the perfect place for their yellow! ...You will know it when you see it!

I had so much fun with these 4 kids and their parents.  Maureen and Marc are such a gorgeous couple! It's no wonder their kids are so cute....Little Sophie, the youngest and only girl (for the next few months, anyway! Mom is pregnant with number five and it's a GIRL!), well she certainly could hold her own against her three older brothers. She was the feistiest one of them all! I loved seeing her spunky personality, and watching how sweet her brothers were with her. They wanted to make her smile, pick her up and give her hugs when she fell, and chase her down when she'd gone wandering off too far.

This session got me so excited for the fall colors! It is the perfect precursor to changing leaves and cooler air!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Dunk Family

I had a cancellation for last Saturday and was so glad that this adorable family was able to fill it at the last minute! I love meeting new clients, especially when they are as sweet this these guys. Little Porter had the biggest, brownest, puppy-dog-eyes I think I've ever seen and he pulled the cutest faces. And he has to-die-for dimples, to top it all off!

We met up at Piney Orchard Nature Preserve and I led them on a long walk. It had been awhile since I had shot there, so I wasn't sure what we were going to find. It was a good thing they had a sturdy stroller because the pathway was a bit bumpier than I had remembered....and the walk was longer than I remembered, too! But they were troopers and we got some great shots! On the way out, we took a risk with a "shortcut" and I thought I had gotten everyone lost but luckily we found our way back just fine (thanks to two smart phones....!)

I hope you enjoy this sweet family of 3 - I know I did!