Thursday, January 30, 2014

Maryland Senior Photographer - Kate's Winter Session

Kate and her mom approached me to do some senior pictures for her this past fall, but both of our schedules were just so busy so the times never lined up. We decided we would wait until spring time and take them then. "Unless," Kate had said, " snows. I like snow."

So I kept that little side-note in the back of my mind and waited for a good snow day. And when it came, I called her up and we made it happen. While I got to wear leggings, pants, snow pants, hoodie, jacket, hat, and scarf....Kate had to look cute. We were both freezing, but Kate had to model. And she nailed it! She's a pro.

I even got invited in for hot chocolate and bagels to warm up afterwards. Enjoy this gorgeous winter session.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Maryland Portrait Photographer - Aaron Business Portraits

I have been photographing this family for years. I am sure you recognize Aaron from a session I did this last fall for him and his whole family.

He approached me recently looking for simple, no-frills business photos. He warned me that he was not photogenic and just needed an updated photo for his website. We kept things simple with a white background, a suit, and a tie.

When I showed Aaron my 10 ten images from our quick session, he chose mostly "serious faces" as his favorites, but my favorite was one with a small and honest smile.

If you need business photos - whether simple like these or not - contact me!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Maryland Baby Photographer - Eli {6 months}

Do you remember this cute little guy? Back in October I got to photograph him and his beautiful parents for their family photos, and now it's January and he is 6 months old. We celebrated with an indoor, life-style session and I am so in love with how intimate and fun they turned out. We played with hats, read books, snuggled and tickled with mom and dad, and even got some nakey time (well....not all of us...just Eli). Sometimes when it's too cold to go outside, staying inside can be just as much fun!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

In the Kitchen

Because everyone deserves to lick the beaters...

Maryland Newborn Photographer - Baby Cosette

Cosette and her family were a real treat to photograph. It was the first time I had such a large audience to perform in front of: Cosette, her mom and grandma, and all four of her older siblings were snuggled into the room with me while I posed and shhh'ed and patted Cosette into position. They would get chatty and excited, and Mom would remind them to be quiet so they would go back to huddled whispers for a short time.

From time to time they would ask if they could see a picture I had taken, and when I showed them the following shots, they all whispered, "It looks like she is sleeping on a cloud!"

Cosette is definitely loved by so many in her family, and I felt that love and warmth and happiness surround me as I was welcomed into their home and had the privilege of capturing them all.