Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kristy + Mark - An Odenton Engagement Session

I loved meeting Kristy and Mark and hearing their story of how they met! They told me they both knew what they wanted in a spouse so it was easy for them to decide to marry each other. They met each other online, but quickly found out they actually worked in the same building! So crazy how love works out sometimes, but I think, overall, that's how love is supposed to be - easy. A friendship turned something more, without distraction and complications. We went over a few details for their wedding day, and I could sense their excitement and love for one another. They have some really awesome things planned for their ceremony and reception and I feel so lucky I will get to be a part of it - it's going to be a beautiful, fun day. Their engagement photos were also quick, simple, and easy. We met up at Piney Orchard Nature Preserve in Odenton and had just enough time for a "mini" engagement session.

My favorite part about their session was Kristy's laugh. Sometimes I tell my clients to give me a big, fake laugh. What usually happens is, the laugh comes out weird and they feel awkward, which causes them to give me a real laugh. But - for the first time ever - I met someone with a perfect fake laugh. Kristy knew how to work it! I was so impressed! She didn't even need my tricky tactics, she already had it down! We had a good laugh over that, and now I can't even tell which photos are her "fake" laugh and which are her real laugh. I think it's because she is just a naturally happy person that it doesn't take much prodding for her to be genuinely laughing! I loved it, and I love these photos!

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  1. We love these! Thank you so much! It was so great to work with you -- can't wait to see you on our wedding day! Kristy & Mark