Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Montours - A Family Session

I met Jessica, a fellow family photographer, through an online photography group and I have since loved following her work. You need to check out her stuff here and here!

Well, I decided that this year - for the first time EVER - I was going to hire someone else to take our family photos! (I know, practice what you preach!). And I knew I wanted it to be Jessica. Her style is pretty similar to mine, and she has a ton of experience with young children. I knew my kids weren't going to easy to photograph, either! So I contacted her to schedule a session and she had the great idea to just swap family photos! This both excited and frightened me!

I didn't realize how intimidating it was to photograph another photographer! I was so nervous, but of course I had no reason to be. Her family was sweet and gorgeous just like her, and - surprise! - everyone knew how to pose (being the children and husband of a photographer will do that to you)! So in reality, they made my job easy and I just had to click fast! I love, love, love these photos and am completely honored that Jessica, a talented photographer herself, trusted me to capture them!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Micaela+Chris: A Washington DC LDS Temple Wedding

Wedding ceremonies held at the Washington DC Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are unique. As a photographer, I'm not allowed into their actual ceremony, as cameras and photographs are not permitted inside the temple. After the ceremony is over, the wedding guests exit the temple to wait for the bride and groom outside. It is kind of a neat tradition for friends and family to line up outside the doors and cheer for them as they walk out of the temple doors and into the world for the first time as husband and wife. Sometimes when there are multiple ceremonies, also called "sealings," happening on the same day, there are a lot of different families and people waiting outside the door. Which means, sometimes it's hard for me to know which family belongs to "my" couple....and it's pretty important for me to figure it out quick so that I don't give the bride and groom images of random people they have never met before, or -heaven forbid- start photographing the wrong couple as they walk out the door! But as soon as I saw three beautiful girls dressed in purple and gray, I knew they belonged with my bride, Micaela. Denise, Melissa, and Laura were natural, quick friends and I could feel their love and excitement Micaela as we all waited for them to come out of the temple. 

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Harmon!

It rained off and on during their family and couple portraits, but the weather did nothing to dampen Chris and Micaela's spirits. They were filled with the love and glow that all newly-married couples carry. We borrowed big, white umbrellas from the temple's lobby area and I actually love the unique touch they add to the family portraits!

....And then we sent everyone away so we could spend some time with just the two of them, capturing their love and happiness on their special day. I loved Chris' attentiveness to his new-wife's needs - holding her dress so it didn't drag on the wet cement, carrying the umbrella over her, holding her hand, and being so excited just to kiss her!

Thank you for letting me capture such a special day for you both. I loved witnessing and photographing your love and devotion to each other and wish you an eternity of happiness!