Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Montours - A Family Session

I met Jessica, a fellow family photographer, through an online photography group and I have since loved following her work. You need to check out her stuff here and here!

Well, I decided that this year - for the first time EVER - I was going to hire someone else to take our family photos! (I know, practice what you preach!). And I knew I wanted it to be Jessica. Her style is pretty similar to mine, and she has a ton of experience with young children. I knew my kids weren't going to easy to photograph, either! So I contacted her to schedule a session and she had the great idea to just swap family photos! This both excited and frightened me!

I didn't realize how intimidating it was to photograph another photographer! I was so nervous, but of course I had no reason to be. Her family was sweet and gorgeous just like her, and - surprise! - everyone knew how to pose (being the children and husband of a photographer will do that to you)! So in reality, they made my job easy and I just had to click fast! I love, love, love these photos and am completely honored that Jessica, a talented photographer herself, trusted me to capture them!

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