Thursday, January 2, 2014

Maryland Family Photographer - The Larsons

It was a bitter cold day with sharp, cutting winds when I met up with the Larsons. We had, like several past sessions during this time, tried to schedule a session earlier in the month but had to postpone it due to bad weather. This time, we were all geared up and ready to make the most of a chilly November day. I would give my instructions, get everyone into place, and then they would whip off their hats and jackets real fast, snap the shot, and bundle right back up again. Poor baby Gavin had teary little eyes every time we took him out of his stroller so we worked fast. Everyone was a great sport, and no cries were heard until the very end (and only from the littlest one; I don't even blame him!) Caiden and I had fun running around at the park at the very end, capturing some time with just him and Daddy. 

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