Thursday, October 16, 2014

Knoxley - A Newborn Session

I loved finally meeting Knoxley!! She was such a sweet angel. I had actually been communicating with her aunt for quite some time before she was born, as Aunt Molly wanted to surprise the family with this newborn session! That is such a great idea for a baby shower gift! So I emailed Knoxley's mom a gift certificate and we all were so excited for Miss Knoxley to come. I loved getting emails from Mom, telling me how things were going so that I could be just as excited and anxious for her arrival.

Near the end of her session, Knoxley decided she just didn't want to sleep anymore, which was just fine with me because sometimes it's just as cute to catch them with their eyes open! Knoxley was looking right at me, she was so alert and attentive. I loved capturing that moment. My favorite thing about Knoxley, though, is her cute dimpled chin! What a cutie. Some of these images are so gorgeous and peaceful to me that I want to hang them up in my own house! 

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