Friday, October 10, 2014

Katie+Scott: A Washington DC War Memorial Wedding

There's so many wonderful things I could say about Katie and Scott - because, guess what? I spent maybe a grand total of 5 hours with them and already I love them. They are some of the most down-to-earth people I've ever met. Kind, genuine, loving. By the time they were saying their vows, I had only known them for about one hour and yet I felt like I was laughing alongside their family as one of them.

Their ceremony at the Washington, DC War Memorial was nothing short of perfection. Their brother-in-law officiated, and they exchanged rings as the sun set behind them. It was short, simple, and sweet - with friends saying a few words, singing them a song, and clapping along with them as they shared their first kiss as husband and wife. Their smiles are real and their hearts are generous.

After the ceremony, we gathered for a few family portraits and then everyone headed home. Their reception would be the next day at Rocklands Farm in Poolesville, Maryland!

They had paparazzi following them everywhere! But really, who could resist such a gorgeous couple on a perfect night in DC?

Walking down the "aisle" with her Daddy!

Their LAST KISS before becoming husband and wife!


The next day at Rocklands Farm was just as special, but this time, there was dancing! 

Everything at Scott and Katie's reception was locally grown and made. Amazing cheese, honey, bread, and jam from Keswick Creamery, not to mention homemade dill pickles and fresh oysters.


This was my favorite decoration at their reception: a shelf lined with their parents' and grandparents' wedding photos! Such a sentimental touch.

And then I got them all to myself before the reception began. We explored the farm and they were up for anything I fact, the bride requested a photo with "a chicken, or pig or sheep...or whatever we can catch." I'll tell you right now, I was only brave enough to hunt down the chicken!

And then, of course, the party started! First dance, a special dance shared with the bride's father and the groom's mother, and toasts from Scott's sister and Katie's father. I shed a few tears of my own!

Congratulations, you beautiful people, you! Thank you for blessing me with sharing this day with you!


  1. These are beautiful (I particularly love the one of you kissing the chicken. ;)

  2. Amazing clicks M Rose. I really liked your work and was referred by Matt to see your blog. Just wanted to check if you are free for July 19th this year as my friend is going to tie the knot and asked me to finalize a photographer for his wedding reception party.