Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hannah - A Newborn Session

When I first met this family, they were only a family of three, and Mom was about to have their second baby, another little girl. Lucky for me, they lived just down the sidewalk from us for a short period of time and I got to meet Olivia. She looked exactly like her big sister to me. Then they moved and our lives got separated for a year...but guess what? We found our way back to each other! When we bought our house, we moved right back into their town and now we once again go to the same church together (our church has assigned buildings depending on where you live; we moved back into their building boundaries!). And once again, Mom was pregnant with another girl!! I was so excited and happy for them because they sure do know how to make the cutest little girls :)

I was even more happy when their sister-in-law (who is Axton's favorite babysitter!) approached me about taking some newborn photos for them as a gift from her. I moved a few things around to make the scheduling work, and then I was privileged to hold and cuddle the third daughter in this family, tiny little Hannah.

Hannah's mom told me some lovely things about her, and about the hope and change of heart that Hannah brought to her life. It was truly a blessing to hear about what a sweet spirit Hannah has! I loved meeting her.

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  1. Cuteness! I super-duper love the at-home, less staged newborn stuff! Plus, love that cute family!