Friday, January 9, 2015

Jeremiah + Aspen - A Couple Session in Pennsylvania

This year we got to host Christmas at OUR house. That meant my dad and his wife (Grandpa and Grandma Seely) and my brother and his girlfriend (Jeremiah and Aspen) flew from Minnesota and Utah to come to our humble abode in Maryland. Christmas Eve was spent reading Twas the Night Before Christmas (a thoughtful gift from Aunty Aspen) and sending my much-too-tired children to bed. That night, I was the one to set up stockings for everyone. As I glanced at them all lain out on the couch, each with a little name tag and something small tucked inside, I felt truly blessed to have a family who loves me and my children and sacrifices time and money to be with us and make it special.

The next day, after opening gifts and having our traditional Cinnamon Roll Breakfast, we all hopped into two cars and spent 6 hours driving to northern Pennsylvania to spend some time with my great aunt and uncle. They live wayyyy out in the boonies, on a gorgeous 160 acres of farmland. Since moving to Maryland, we've made the trip up there several times and each time I've taken mental notes of the best spots to take pictures and just where the sun sets behind the sloping hills. And finally I had the two most perfect subjects to photograph on this perfect piece of property: My brother and Aspen. We even got to ride the little ATV around to get to the top of the hill and down the dirt road to all my favorite spots. It's always a joy to capture my own family, and these two were no exception. She makes him smile just like a little kid (now I know where Axton gets his mischievous grin!)

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  1. Jeremiah and I just spent a half hour scrolling through these and choosing our favorites! They are all beautiful! Thank you so much for taking them for us. We love them and we love you!