Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The McMurrays - Washington DC Family Photographer

The holidays are always such a wonderful excuse to get the whole family together, and that is just what this super fun family did this Christmas. Luckily, all of them stuck around the area until the first week of January, so I was able to squeeze this session in before they all returned to their homes. I've known Katie for over a year now, and was even able to do a GORGEOUS family spring session for them (remember? They are the violin-playing family!) I always think it's so fun and unique to meet the ENTIRE family and to really watch the dynamics of everyone and how they all interact. The two boy cousins were totally sticking it out together, and the younger one followed the older one around everywhere he went. The girls clearly have grandpa wrapped around their fingers! I love to photograph grandma and grandpa together and just take a step back and think - they did this! They created all these people and gave them life and families of their own and isn't it just beautiful? It really is. That is why I enjoy extended family sessions from time to time.

We met at the LDS Temple in Washington DC which was such a wonderful place to capture a family session, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints unite their families in "sealing" ceremonies to be sealed not just on earth, but for eternities. We believe, in this way, families truly are forever! 

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