Friday, April 4, 2014

Nishellie {Senior Portraits}

I was just getting into my car to head to Ellicott City for Nish's session when I saw a few raindrops hit my windshield. The sky had been looking gray all afternoon and I was worried this was going to happen. I sent her a quick text only to hear back that it was raining in Ellicott City, too. We decided to reschedule our session for the next day. I am SO glad we did. The next day ended up being absolutely drop.dead.gorgeous. The sun was out, and it was not just warm, but HOT.

Nishellie found me through Maliaka, who had found me through Jessica. I am so glad these 3 amazingly beautiful girls are friends and am seriously honored that they referred me to one another. Even though Nish and Maliaka's sessions were both shot in downtown Ellicott City, we found several different locations and their sessions turned out unique and true to their individual personalities and styles. That is one of my favorite thing about senior sessions - tailoring each shoot to the individual and making their personality come to life in their images.

Nish invited her friend Mary to come along with her during the session and so we had lots of fun including her in some of the poses, as well. They were both SO much fun and I loved meeting and working with both of them. I am so excited for them to graduate this month and to move on to the next exciting phase in their lives!



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