Monday, April 21, 2014

Hannah & Jarred - A Washington, DC Couple Session

Hannah and Jarred were a photographer's dream. They were excited, they were in love, they were beautiful, they were adventurous and willing. Nevermind that just hours before Jarred had been sick with food poisoning. Nevermind that it was hot. Nevermind the MASSIVE crowds of Cherry Blossom Festival. None of that mattered because these two showed up to their session and completely ROCKED it. All 3 of us were on fire and everything just clicked right into place.

I had been super nervous about getting to their session in time because of the crowds, so I decided to take the metro into DC instead of driving - I was so glad I did. With my luck, I never would have found parking in time. I stood in line for a half hour to use the bathroom, and then it took me twice as long as normal to walk from the Washington Monument to the Jefferson Memorial because I was shoulder to shoulder with thousands of people from all over the place. I used my belly to my advantage, and blamed it on the bump when I would knock into people from rushing to get past them.

Hannah and Jarred were visiting Washington DC all the way from Nevada and they spontaneously decided to get some photos done while they were on vacation out here. I loved this idea and thought it was so much fun. "We didn't want our photos to look like everyone else's back home," Hannah told me. "We wanted something different." 

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  1. Beautiful! I think the people in the background actually really add to the pics! It's a fun variety for the background without being distracting.