Thursday, January 16, 2014

Maryland Newborn Photographer - Baby Cosette

Cosette and her family were a real treat to photograph. It was the first time I had such a large audience to perform in front of: Cosette, her mom and grandma, and all four of her older siblings were snuggled into the room with me while I posed and shhh'ed and patted Cosette into position. They would get chatty and excited, and Mom would remind them to be quiet so they would go back to huddled whispers for a short time.

From time to time they would ask if they could see a picture I had taken, and when I showed them the following shots, they all whispered, "It looks like she is sleeping on a cloud!"

Cosette is definitely loved by so many in her family, and I felt that love and warmth and happiness surround me as I was welcomed into their home and had the privilege of capturing them all.

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