Friday, December 19, 2014

The Scheides - Ellicott City Family Photographer

I met this sweet family last year, when we were living in the Crofton area and going to a different church. Our boys went to nursery together and my little Axton loved playing with Thomas. We did a Mommy-and-me session together this last spring just before I went on maternity leave. What a difference 6 months makes with kids! They are so grown up now, Luke was chatting away and Thomas was so independent. Luckily, we got Dad in the photos too this time around and I quickly learned just how much these boys LOVE their Daddy. They wanted him to pick them up and hold their hands and wouldn't let him out of their sights! It was so cute and sweet.

These boys are observant and quiet thinkers, and Mom tells me they are a bit on the serious side and aren't always willing to smile, but I think we did a great job capturing their little personalites and the love they have for their family!

We started at a new location in Ellicott City for me, a beautiful, rocky trail full of fallen leaves and golden sunlight. It was perfect!

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