Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ellen & Ashley - A Best Friend Senior Session

I didn't know that I knew Ellen when she first emailed me about doing a Best Friend senior session. But the more we talked and the more I found out about her, I realized I knew exactly who she was, even though we had never met before. This made it all the more exciting to work with her. I also love it when I work with other photographers because the session gets tweaked in little ways when both of us (the photographer and the photographee) add an artistic vision to the scene. Ellen is a fellow Nikon user and lover, and wanted to use her camera in the session, and I readily agreed to this fun prop!

I also know The Other Half to this senior session, as well. Sweet Ashley and I go to the same church, and so I get to interact with her on a weekly basis. She is funny, a devoted friend and sister, and, as you can see below, a musician. I was so excited when she brought her guitar with her and we had so much fun incorporating it into her photos.

Doing a best friend session was seriously double the fun of a regular session. I loved seeing how these two girls interacted and played off of each other when I was photographing one or the other. It's the reason we got so many beautiful smiles and good laughter shots - because they felt like they could relax and be themselves when they were with each other.

I asked the girls to send me some ideas of photos they liked, and one of them included a photo with a flower crown. So before our session I went out and bought flowers and made my first homemade flower crown. I loved this portion of the session; Ellen nailed the "Doe-eyed" look she said she was supposed to have, and Ashley is a natural beauty, with her bright eyes peeking out underneath the petals.

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