Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gretchen + Gary: An Annapolis Engagement Session

Gretchen and Gary's session was unbelievably cold for a spring day. An hour before their scheduled time, I looked out the window to see light snow flurries whipping past my house in the wind. We discussed possibly rescheduling, as the following week was supposed to be significantly warmer, but we decided to press forward, despite the frigid temperatures and strong breeze.

I was super excited when Gretchen mentioned wanting to bring their dog, Jasmine, to the session. I always think it is so fun when couples bring their pets (....I've only ever had pet dogs? Not sure what I would do with a different breed of pet but it would be awesome either way!). It is just another way to show off their personalities and who they are as a couple!

We met up at one of my favorite locations....yep, you guessed it! Downtown Annapolis. We walked briskly, blowing warm air on our fingers the whole way, and I posed them as quickly as possible so they could wrap up in their jackets in between locations. I even found one tiny patch of sun for just a few short minutes and those ones are probably my favorite out of the whole session. Can you spot them?

Gary and Gretchen were an absolute joy to follow around and photograph. They have bright, bubbly personalities and I found myself laughing with them as if they were old friends and not people I had only just met an hour before. This makes me that much more happy to be seeing them again in October for their wedding, I just know it's going to be a blast!

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