Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Dunk Family

I had a cancellation for last Saturday and was so glad that this adorable family was able to fill it at the last minute! I love meeting new clients, especially when they are as sweet this these guys. Little Porter had the biggest, brownest, puppy-dog-eyes I think I've ever seen and he pulled the cutest faces. And he has to-die-for dimples, to top it all off!

We met up at Piney Orchard Nature Preserve and I led them on a long walk. It had been awhile since I had shot there, so I wasn't sure what we were going to find. It was a good thing they had a sturdy stroller because the pathway was a bit bumpier than I had remembered....and the walk was longer than I remembered, too! But they were troopers and we got some great shots! On the way out, we took a risk with a "shortcut" and I thought I had gotten everyone lost but luckily we found our way back just fine (thanks to two smart phones....!)

I hope you enjoy this sweet family of 3 - I know I did!

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