Saturday, July 26, 2014

Nancy + Brian: An Annapolis Engagement Session

Sometimes with love, you just have to take a risk and follow your heart. That's exactly what Nancy and Brian did....they met just before they both graduated from college in North Carolina. Brian was starting a new job in Annapolis, and even though they had only known each other for a short time, Nancy followed Brian to Maryland. She told me she knew it sounded crazy, but she did it anyway. I told her that it looked like it turned out alright!

Though they met in North Carolina, their dating life was mostly spent in Annapolis, so we met up just in front of the State Capitol building, and then made our way down to the docks. We ended the night up in Tolley Point, just as the sky was turning pink. They fell into my requested poses easily and comfortably, sometimes forgetting I was there and just cuddling as they naturally would. I loved working with them and wish them the sincerest congratulations! I love meeting new people and capturing such a fun, romantic time in their lives. 

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