Friday, March 14, 2014

The Godards {A Gender Reveal and Baby Announcement!}

Marcie brought her little boy Henry over to my house one morning a few months ago for a play date - we decided both her and I could probably use the socializing more than our boys, but they are almost exactly the same age so they have a good time, too. Marcie was one of the first people I told when I first got pregnant with this second boy, and I confided in her my nervous feelings and the difficulties of morning sickness. She told me they were ready for their next addition, as well, and so when she told me a while later that they were expecting, I was SO excited for them. She asked if I would want to do a "Pregnancy Announcement" Photo shoot with them, and of COURSE I said yes. We decided to wait until they knew the gender so we could also make it a "Gender Reveal" Photo Shoot. 

The time finally came, and we came up with two different balloon ideas: one for outdoor and one for indoor. They both turned out super cute and I loved playing with Henry and throwing around the balloons with him. Of course Marcie and Andrew were a joy to photograph, as well - such beautiful people! Such darling children they make!

And now we get to announce that next July, Mr. Henry will be getting a baby.....

SISTER!!!! He is not quite sure what to think about that single pink balloon Mommy is holding....

The gorgeous Mama-to-be

And now for the pink balloon party INSIDE. SO FUN!


I can't wait to meet their next adorable addition! I am sure her and my second son will also become fast playmates, just like Axton and Henry!

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