Friday, March 7, 2014

Rockwell {18 Months}

Meet Rockwell.

He's a pretty special little guy to me. For one thing, he is one of my son's best little buddies and is the reason Axton no longer cries when we drop him off at our church nursery during Sunday School. For another thing, his Momma is a dear, sweet friend of mine. When we first moved into the area, she quickly became my first friend here. She is kind, outgoing, and oh-so-hilarious. She has turned many a day around for me. Before I had a car, she would take Axton and I to Music Makers every Thursday just because she knew we would need to get out of the house. She has baby-sat for me numerous times so I could go to the gym or shoot a session. She is genuine and one of a kind and I just love her and her beautiful family. Adam and I even used to teach her oldest daughter in Sunday School for a few months before the new year began - we were surrounded by the Dicksons and we loved every minute of it!

Rockwell, his Mom, Axton, and I met one day just outside the church building to snap a quick few shots of Rockwell for his 18 month portraits. He was happy to chug along with his dump truck and explore in the woods with me...until his cheeks got cold and his fingers grew numb, that is. He was a great sport and gave me the cutest looks! I loved capturing a few minutes of this cutie! 



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  1. Megz you are true gold. I feel like in you I have found a long lost sister! Thank you again for these pictures. I will always treasure them!