Sunday, September 9, 2012


I have been missing Hawaii a lot these days. And, my friends, Rehoboth Beach was just what I needed to be able to happily welcome autumn into my life. It was wonnnnnderful. The waves were just big enough to make me hesitate one single moment before running in and diving into the middle of one. There were shells to pick out of the sand, umbrellas to rent, people to watch, sun rays to soak up.

The weather was perfect: a slight breeze kept us from sweating. The boardwalk along the ocean was fun to shop and walk around on. There were hotels, restaurants, gelatto shops, salt water taffy shops, and the world-famous Thrasher's fries (no ketchup allowed).

Parking was easy, metered, and close to the beach. I would recommend this beach to anyone looking for some good old Atlantic fun.

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  1. So fun! Your pictures are stunning! Happy anniversary :)