Monday, May 27, 2013

Jordan & Ive {A Twin Birth Story}

I already knew I was in love with shooting births from my first experience (Jonathan's Birth), but then to have my next birth session be twins? It was a dream! I was SO excited. I got there in plenty of time again (I thought for sure I was going to miss it!) but once those babies were ready, it all went so fast! Doctors and nurses in position, Mom pushing only a few times before baby girl is out, and then I had 4 minutes to follow her while she got weighed before baby boy made his way out! 

The whole process was absolutely incredible. I was also able to photograph their first baths, getting measured, meeting aunty and grandma and grandpa, and then of course, little Elias getting woken up to meet his baby brother and sister for the first time - i was all so beautiful. Please enjoy these sacred moments, thank you Keiry and Ryan for allowing me to be a part of this and to share it!

(In the photos, Baby A is the girl, Ive, and Baby B is Jordan)

Baby girl:

Baby boy:


 Baby girl's measurements and bath:  

Baby boy's measurements and bath:

You can view their in-home newborn session here.


  1. You really caught the moment Meghan!

  2. These are great Meghan! and....kudos to her for delivering TWO :D

  3. These are fantastic shots of a sacred and fantastic event. Well done, Meghan. You are inspired. THe family was very blessed to have you involved.

  4. These are beautiful. Oh my goodness I am crying!